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Rotisserie Chicken (To Order) – Home Cooked Free Range Organic


Rotisserie Chicken (To Order)


Our rotisserie chickens are all free range organic birds from a co-operative of farms in Yorkshire. They range from 1.2 to 1.8 kilos in weight. Given the natural way in which the chickens are reared it is not possible to regulate the size of them in the same way as mass farmed chickens. Our birds loose little weight when cooked and will often provide a second meal or sandwiches including a great stock when the leftovers are boiled with some vegetables. We cook all of the chickens in our own kitchen in a specially designed rotisserie oven. Our order from the farm is made on Wednesday for a Friday delivery.

Please note: Rotisserie chickens are on the menu for Friday, Saturday and Sundays but must be preordered before noon on Wednesday. Thank you


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